New logo, new content!

This is my new updated logo. I will be blogging here on WordPress going forward as it’s a bit better than blogger. I will have new content each week and looks into my personal collection and give examples of my techniques and inspirations.

I hope to make this a place you will return to each week. It will be fun and I promise not to ramble on about unrelated things.

If you remember my shop at Crafted I thank you for four great years of fun. The market became more about crafts than odd art like mine so now I am back at my home studio working harder than ever to make the best art I can.

I just finished a solo show I worked on for a year called “Radicali Stoked” the art of Scott Aicher at El Cuervo Gallery in El Segundo last month. Thanks to all who bought art and love to all who came down and supported the show. I am so inspired to learn more to bring even better art than I made before. I am painting in oils now as well and the results are amazing so follow my progress here.

I hope to very soon return to Etsy for online sales. Currently I am on big cartel for selling my art ( I hope you will check that spot out… I have many small affordable plaques on sale there now and quite a few affordable prints as well. If you are really feeling supportive I also have a few original paintings for sale there as well.

So please check back and leave comments here. This is going to get interesting! Happy Trails, Scott Aicher


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