To my followers…

It’s tough to know how many people are following my art. I have had shows where many people showed up. I sold many paintings at a time. Mostly small work that was affordable but I have had some undeniably successful shows. I have these bigger paintings I keep making. People love them. They ask me to explain them at shows. They are pretty random and stream of consciousness. I am working on a painting of a rabbit currently that I think I have painted before years ago or dreamt I painted it. I remember painting this at least two other times and not liking the art because I was learning then. I like this new one. Sometimes I wonder if it matters anymore. I keep making paintings over and over. I worry that everyone else seems to be getting rich making art and I just keep going even though the payout most times is not there… but I sold 22 paintings last show. That’s amazing! So thank you for believing in me and to those who bought my art I will keep going for you. Let me know what kind of art you want. Lots of my work is on popkustomshoppe on instagram. Is my work too weird? Too far out? Should I paint pet and people portraits or keep using my dream ideas? Let me know. Many have borrowed my ideas over the years (you know who you are) I have been told there are no original ideas that have not been done before. The ones who told me that also borrowed my ideas. I try to make my art original. Even if no one cares. I care. I keep trying to improve. I may never hit pay day but I hope at least to inspire a few people. I will post my rabbit painting soon. Not sure what meaning this painting holds but I keeps coming back in my life. It’s very surreal and kind of frightening but I will finish it soon and share it. If you follow my work, Thank You! I am doing the best I can.


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